Monday, September 16, 2013


Oh weefee (ie. the Spanish pronounciation of Wi-Fi)... After banging out a seriously expensive Verizon bill over the past 19 days I'm trying to be better about using exclusively Wi-Fi, hence my absence yesterday. 

A lot has happened that has made me more comfortable with the idea of doing this trip on my timetable, not anyone else's, and so today I took advantage of it. Sahagun was supposed to be just a mid-day stop since it was only 13km in but I was so charmed by the city that I decided to stay. And so, it turned out, did a lot of people. 

I happened upon Irish Mary again this morning just by chance and we took a long leisurely lunch at a sidewalk cafe and as soon as I took my boots off I knew I would stay. It was a great day-- and the first short day by choosing rather than my pain forcing the decision for me; a pleasant change of pace indeed. 

But tomorrow has 31k in store so I'm off to bed quickly. BUT, the pictures and map on the right hand side have been updated. I appreciate your patience as I try to keep the bill under control. I've tried to use them to narrate the past couple of days too. 


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