Friday, September 13, 2013

Today Is A Great Day Because:

1. I did 30.8k without any (new) problems. A little slow but that's ok. 

2. I got the second to last bed at an awesome albergue, which:

3. For €10 got me a bottom bunk in a made bed (ie. no sleeping bag needed) with my own power outlet AND reading light and a very hot shower with a REAL towel in a super nice and very clean albergue 

4. For another €7.50 I bought a glass of white wine (local and delicious), and orange for breakfast tomorrow, a bottle of water AND they're currently washing and drying my laundry. ALL OF IT-- with real laundry soap and drying it in a DRYER. 
Pretty sure I've died and gone to Camino heaven. 

1 comment:

  1. Hi! I begin my journey next week. Do you mind sharing the town and name of the albergue? (In case I'm near there at a stopping point in my day.) Sounds wonderful. Thank you! Buen Camino!