Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Show Ain't Over

Hello from Finnisterre my fellow peregrinos! 

Just so that everyone is on the same page, I don't get on a plane to return to Boston for another 3.5 days so my travels and my posts are far from over. 

I have also updated the pictures and the map on the right hand "Where I Am" link. I thoroughly enjoy that some of my pictures from out on the rocks beyond the lighthouse actually register on GPS as being in the water. 

YOU are also on my to-do list since I owe you some promised posts about rather important (and often hilarious) subjects like "a day in the life", when you scream American and what you can do about it, what to bring and what to leave and so much more. 

I've missed writing and sharing these with you and if you still want them I'm ready to deliver and am sketching these posts out now. So settle back in, the show ain't over. 

Here's a thumbnail sketch of my next few days: spend at least one more night (tonight) in Finisterre- maybe 2. Then take the bus back to Santiago, do the whole tourist bit there, spend the night and depart EARLY the next morning (the 5th) for my 5:30AM flight. Mixed in there are some naps, some blogging, some walking (yes really!) and some writing; generally not planning more than 3hrs in advance. 

So stay tuned. The MaplessPilgrim is about to blow up your inbox.