Saturday, November 30, 2013

Overdue IOUs from the Mapless Pilgrim

Hello again dear fellow travelers!

It's been nearly 2 months since I arrived back state-side and life has been a little crazy (a move to a new city, the start of a new job, travel for that job, and then the Thanksgiving holiday).

I've heard from enough of you that I now genuinely feel guilty for not posting the final few topics I promised to cover.

So, between now and Dec 5th, my 2 month anniversary of arriving home, I promise to complete the following but not necessarily in this order:

1. A Day In The Life of a Pilgrim
(complete with as many pictures as I can accurately find)

2. Screaming American: 'hola', 'comprende' and knowing your geographic relationship to New York

3. The Farmacia: A Pilgrim's Home Away from Home

4. Jill's Favorite Camino Travel Items, Why You Need Them (and what you don't-- no seriously, leave this crap at home, you can thank me later)

5. Returning Home: The Adjustment (because there is one)

Here we go again peregrinos!