Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Haven't Forgotten About You...

Wi-Fi has been hard to come by as we've slogged through the mountains of Galicia. And frankly so has my energy at the end of the day. It's seems that after banging out 30k+ days in the mountains I have just enough energy to shower, do some semblance of laundry and go to bed. 

So- while I struggle through this section please follow me more closely on Facebook (Facebook.com/Neunaber) in order to see posts and pictures until I can  return to the longer format. And I WILL return to the long form because I have SO much to share, so many topics to cover and many of your questions that I look forward to answering. 

So thanks for your patience. After 27days  the challenges seem to change and adapt even more quickly than we do. And so the motto "one day at a time" continues. I tried to explain to some Spaniards the joke about eating an elephant one bite at a time but I don't think it translated well. 

None the less with now just 109k left until Santiago (can you BELIEVE we've done 700k?!?) it feels now more than ever that we can't put the cart before the horse. 

I so appreciate your continued support, prayers and notes of encouragement. 

I'll try to update pictures and GPS soon so check it out soon. 

Manual update: I'm one town outside Sarria and officially in the "two-stamps-a-day / 'final 100km min for compostella'" territory. Well see how each day goes, but Santiago by Saturday evening is possible-- and 4 days and 100km never seemed so long. 

It's 9:03pm and whether I'll have to wait for the dryer in the morning is a mystery so I better pack it in. 

Beunas noches. 

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