Wednesday, September 18, 2013

33.4k Today

Today was my longest day (km-wise) weighing in at 33.4km, or just under 21miles. Though the feet took a beating I'm hopeful that my early bedtime will help heal all wounds. 

I would like to do similar distance tomorrow but if the Camino has taught me anything it's that life must be taken one day, and sometimes one hour, at a time. 

NEW PICTURES are up on the right hand side link. Crazy to visually see on the map how much ground we've covered. You, me, and all the pilgrims out here. It's really remarkable. 

Today marks the end of 21 days of consecutive walking. To celebrate Tracy, a New Yorker I met at the albergue where I'm staying, and I did 100 crunches. We both remarked how toned everything from the waist down is becoming but that the core could use a little love. I'd like to think I can make a habit of it, but we'll see. 

Tomorrow is the start of week 4. Cruz de Ferro is just a few days away, as is the biggest mountainous climb of the whole trip. Yeah, that 32k on day 1 is not actually the biggest elevation change on the Camino...

Hopefully I can make tomorrow "a day in the life" but before I do that I need to know what questions you have so that I can pay particular attention to those areas. 

Some of you have asked about alarms, and waking up without getting up others (an important skill to try to master) and others about 'facilities' during the day. What other things would you like to know?

I stand ready to serve! 


  1. I have way to many questions to ask so I will post this question.

    Q: For us yet "Talking the Walk" on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being INTENSE GOOD .. rate these


    I am totally enjoying your experience .. :)

  2. You'll have more people than you know helping to pray you up those hills. Thanks for your posts.