Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Checking In: The Camino Changes Us, and We Change The Camino

Hello all! Just a quick note before I head out this morning, since I was flat exhausted after another 30k day yesterday. I head into Leon today and we'll see if I stay there or keep walking another 8.5k to the next town. 

As I've mentioned all along, shaking the feeling that I need to catch up to John's "planned itinerary" has been difficult for me ever since I fell behind, and since I desperately want to walk to Finisterre that means I may wind up pushing back my flight. 

What I've also realized has been bothering me a lot has been the idea that I fell behind the group of people I spent so much of the first week to 10 days with. I enjoyed meeting them all so much and somehow they came to collectively provide --and I think we all did for each other-- a comforting sense of belonging. 

But over the past few days I've run into, gotten information on or otherwise connected with a lot of them. And it seems that the Camino has forced changed plans on nearly all of us. 

I can count on 2 hands the number of people who have been forced or decided to go home. Others I've seen over the past few days, meaning that they too have left John's schedule, and others have opted to skip ahead to the minimum 100k point, and finish from there. 

Let me be clear, I don't think any of these choices are bad or wrong. It's simply an observation that not only does the Camino change us, we seem too, to change the Camino. Pretty poetic. 

As for me, if God is willing and the feet and body don't die, I'll continue to trek on as best I can and as close to a window that lets me do everything I want. 

As a group of us discussed last night at dinner, it's kind of crazy how fast Cruz de Ferro is coming up. It's a point which we all considered "near the end" given than John accounts for just 10more days beyond that point. And I'm looking forward to unloading some weight there. 
If you're unfamiliar with it google "Cruz de ferro Camino" and you'll get several options on the background, tradition and accompanying prayer. 

Ok, time to pack the bag and hit the road.  

I promise a "day in the life" post soon! 

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