Thursday, September 26, 2013

UPDATE: T-48hrs

Hello my dear fellow travelers! I have finally updated pictures and GPS on the right hand link so please be sure to check it out! 

As it currently stands I'm about 48k from Santiago and due (God-willing) to arrive in 48hrs. BUT there is still much room for error AND I intend to keep walking so stay tuned for plans. 

The pictures should help fill in the gaps over the past few days and I'm working on the long lists of things I want to write about and share with you when I'm a little more physically stable. 

With my trip winding down (and still many more km to go) I've been spending a lot of time trying to soak up what remains. I'll gladly wring it all out for you in the near future but there's no time like the present to take it all in. 

There shouldn't be anything terribly exciting tomorrow- just a goal of getting as close as we can to make the final day in to Santiago as short as possible. So wild to think that it just about a 30min car ride away. 

Stay tuned for some exciting Santiago action as well as helping me decide what to do with my time post-Santiago! 

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  1. You are flying to Santiagio,
    like the fying pilgrim/ libelle on your last photo
    Beun Camino