Saturday, September 21, 2013

Another 37k Day & New Pictures

New pictures are up on the right hand link!

I've been taking pictures of "typical" this, that and the other thing to include in the day in the life post. The truth is that it will be a goodie but a long one and that means I need to not be EXHAUSTED when I have a chance to write. So I promise that it's under construction. 

The growing school of thought is that we can (and many want) to make it to Santiago in 7 days, arriving on a Sunday and ensuring we'll see the 8-person thurible. But you know how the joke goes...if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. So, were back to taking it one day at a time. 

Tomorrow will be another long day God-willing but it's already WAY past my bedtime and that likely means a late start.  So I had better sign off. 

Enjoy the pictures. 

More soon! 


  1. Trabadelo(22/9) 31k
    O Cebreiro(23/9) 21k uphill
    Sarria (24/9) 42k downhill
    Hospital(25/9) 32k
    Ribadiso(26/9) 34k
    Santiago(27/9) 41k, Friday!
    Saturday must be possible!
    On Sunday in the crowed surgery: SJPdP, JN
    Jan Schürmann, The Netherlands

  2. Jill, I don't know you and yet I am so proud and envious of you and your tenacity. Your there, you made it!!! Go girl go! An early congratulations is in order too. Looking forward to the many answers as we prepare for our 2014 pilgrimage.