Saturday, July 30, 2016

Allllright....(eye roll)

I have tried and failed twice today to post a complete update along with a little walking tour (video) along The Way within the city of Astorga. 

I am...annoyed. Doubly so because while I have soaked up every moment of my 24-hours off, there is a threat of rain tomorrow which means I need to start early. 5:30amearly. Yuk! 

My feet seem to have appreciated the opportunity to chill out but they're still tender and I'm under no illusion that I'll be walking on air tomorrow. My mind on the other hand has gone a bit stir crazy and even a touch homesick without a full day's "work" to do on the Camino. It hasn't been without some cool stuff though including a huge festival with parade right in the square my hotel room has overlooked. I can't wait to catch you up, and I apologize for the seeming radio silence. It has not been for lack of effort. 

Right now though I'm beat. Kinda like when you go on vacation and then need a vacation once you've returned. Either that or I'm still just tired. Haha. Maybe a bit of both. 

Before I sign off on this "proof of life" post, let me ask you about something. I know a lot of folks who read Camino blogs are people who are considering or planning to do it. Would be if of interest to you to do a Q&A post? Periscope and Facebook Live have their limitations, namely that I never know exactly when I'll have service and the time change makes it difficult to find a feasible. But would you be interested in posting questions in the comments section and my answering them? 

I'm just so exceptionally grateful for all of the support and prayers you've given me. There have been a LOT of butterflies (in new colors, too!) and they really have lifted my spirits along the way. And I'd like to give something back, if it's at all of interest. If not, no biggie. 

For now, it's time to say goodnight and wish you a very happy weekend! This weekend includes a lot of climbing and Cruz de Ferro, which you're definitely going to want to hear about, so stay tuned! 



  1. Prayers for you this morning.

  2. I have a question! Once I get to Santiago, would it be a good idea to bus or taxie to the coast? I want to see it but will be limited in time and anticipate that once I reach my goal, I may be over the purest attitude.

  3. Question then comment:
    Please elaborate on the trekking poles! I've gotten a glimpse of yours, are they for balance? Is it a Camino tradition?
    Comment: as an armchair traveler enjoying the spirit of your Camino trek, I've learned a lot about foot gear etc from your info as a person who works on their feet! Thanks! Blessings and stay safe :)

  4. Prayers continue. Your blog answers many questions already, but I'm sure I will come up with a few more. Hope the rain (and the feet) let you keep moving. Be safe!

  5. Prayers for you Jill. Q and A would be most appreciated.

  6. Jill I can't view the "Facebook Live from the Camino" video(s) on Facebook - I only signed up today (day late/dollar short) to read your Camino blog.

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