Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The (Exhausted) American in Paris

It's just after midnight local time and I've made it back to my hotel with just enough energy to repack my bag, arrange for a 5:30am wake up call and to witness the Eiffel Tower light up at the top of the hour. 

Done, done, and done. 

I tried to post several updates to Facebook throughout the day so please check in there to see some of my adventures until I can write about them tomorrow. 

I have an early train that will provide me with 8+ hrs of time to catch up on some badly needed Zs, and make an actual post about my whirlwind day in Paris. 

You're going to want to hear about my "introduction" to the French language, a face off with a Segway (spoiler: I won but it put up quite a fight) and the ear-busting custom (?) that drunk French students partake in on the River Seine. 

Fais de beaux rĂªves, ami. 

P.S. please let me know if you've subscribed to receive the posts by email but aren't getting them. I think there's a glitch but need confirmation. Merci! 


  1. I ran across your blog and as a blogger myself and one who is planning to walk the camino next year I'll be following your progress so I can learn more about the Way. I've been reading different blogs and forums in my quest for knowledge. Buen Camino

  2. Hi there. Im Lorrie from eugene oregon. I will be following you. I signed up with email. Lormah22@gmail.com I hope to be there. I have a child to graduate 1st but im with ya. Remember you are never alone. I have skype too. BUEN CAMINO. ULTRAIA