Friday, August 30, 2013

Mortification, Discouragement and Reconsideration?

Perhaps when it's all said and done the only thing this blogging exercise will provide is an authentic perspective. 

I love the word 'authentic'. It means "of undisputed origin". I think our world often lacks authenticity and I for one genuinely appreciate it when I see it. 

So lets just say that when I re-read last nights post I was mortified. I went to school in Georgia, not Alabama (:-)) and if you didn't know better you'd think I was a Florida grad. [This is an SEC college football reference for those unfamiliar]. 

Anyway, those of you who were actually able to read that deserve a medal. I'll work on that. So I apologize for being so authentically exhausted that I either lost my most basic command of the English language or was completely defeated by my iPhones "predictive speller". 

I want to make this post short since last nights was so long. 

Today SUCKED. Id like to say it all came up roses but it flat sucked. I read today that though the path yesterday covered 28km-- that was as a crow flies. Adjusted for climbs and the path it was 19miles, not 17. 

I don't know when the last time was that you trekked 19miles uphill with a 26lb pack but mine was yesterday. Which meant that this morning I woke up hurting in muscles I didn't know I had. I also woke up nauseous. I'll spare you the  details but I booted everything I had in me and then some.  After Vibering w my dad (if you're not familiar w the Viber app you'll want to be for international travel-- phone and text over data not cell, so a fraction of the cost) we decided that it was a mild case of altitude illness. It felt like the start of the flu and it put a serious  kink in my morning. 

But Sharon from Seattle and I trudged away. But this time every step hurt in a way it didn't yesterday. Our durable feet made way to sore, sensitive, stubs that felt everything we stepped on and every shift in our shoes. She had pack issues and came to realize her shoes are just too small. She was miserable and I was just flat hurting. It was as if yesterday spawned an evil child for today. Brutal and discouraging. 

So not only did we not make up ground today we didn't finish the full leg. We stopped in Zubiri, though Sharon found someone to give her a ride from the previous "town" to Zubiri and though we intended to meet up the Camino seems to have pulled us apart. 

So we reach the reconsideration. One thing I have not outlined publicly are my goals. John Brierlys book (and the Camino Bible) get to Santiago in 33 days.  I have 37 days BUT here are my goals in ascending order. 

1. Get to Santiago entirely on foot (no cheating of any kind). 800km or about 500 miles and collect my Compostella (certificate of completion). 

2. Go beyond this "final" stage and walk to Muxia and Finisterre (that's an additional 4 days making it a tight but doable squeeze on the Brierly sked. 

3. Do #1 and #2 AND walk to the Santiago airport. Which adds yet another 3 days at least, maybe 4 bc of my flights timing.  And it is an additional 100 mi round-trip (which is why I call it 40-days and 600-miles). 

SO, today we finished NOT on the Brierly Sked which makes me very concerned I won't make it. It's on my blog, it what I want to do and I don't enjoy being a liar. 

So I've popped some Ibuprofen and Tylenol PM (chastise my drug choice at your own risk folks) and set the alarm for 5:30. If I can be gone by 6 I have a chance at making up the 2hrs I didn't do today. It also means I'll have to only pass through Pamplona. Day 2 of 37 seems early to have dreams crushed so I'll plug on. 

Aforementioned typm is really kicking in so when I look back tomorrow it might just be that I DID go to Auburn of UF. So bare with me. 

PICTURES: are embedded in the Track My Tour app to the right. I didn't take many. I was preoccupied going through hell. 

Good night! 



  1. Don't worry about typos or misspells ... Nobody expects perfection on the fly. You are doing remarkably well under the circumstances. Your writing is great. I look forward to your missives each day.
    Second issue ... Listen to your body ... Don't push yourself too much so early. Try to smell the roses. If your altitude sickness persists, see a doctor. It can become serious. I suffered from it once in Colorado and had to cut a ski trip short. Your body should adjust though, if you let it.
    Have fun. Buen Camino! - Michael

  2. So you didn't finish a full leg. Well actually you did. How ever far you walk in a day is a "leg" or a segment of your Camino. Like Michael said, slow down a little, enjoy the journey, Santiago isn't going anywhere. Still enjoying your writing style.

  3. Be your own guide Jill. Youre well prepared, you're smart. I belieeve in you. You're spirit and strength are quite obvious and shine through your words. Find your own rhythm. You can do this!!!!

  4. This Gator is loving your reports and really feels for you as you get into the rhythm of your trip! You're not competing with anyone, so embrace your pace. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. My family joins me in holding you up in prayer.

  5. Keep your own pace, not what it written in a book. The journey is El Camino. You will get stronger as you continue to walk.

    You are very brave, I never wanted to re-read my blog entries. I can only imagine the number of misspelled words and improper English.